Monday, August 29, 2011

Completed Empire Warrior Priest

Recently I have been having vibes for painting characters. Maybe it's because I've been churning out infantry after infantry and block units to get the bulk of my armies painted. I guess now it's payback time for the single models.

After I finished my finecast Lord Commissar model I went through my collection and decided to paint up this old warrior priest model. I guess he is about ten years old. (correct me if I'm wrong).

While thinking of a color scheme for him I looked through white dwarfs and army books and the interwebs and realized that most people painted thier warrior priests in reds and black. Also adorned with many gold trimmings and the such.

However I always felt that warrior priests were more akin to monks in the Empire. Humble individuals with no desire for the glitz and glamour of most mortals with only prayer and steel to see them through.

Therefore when I painted my warrior priest I went for the dullest, cheapest and typical colors found on people not so concerned with their fashion sense. Browns and silver. The only gold item he has is his small hammer around his neck.

It's a pleasure painting characters and I guess my character painting streak has just begun. More to come!


  1. I like the nice earthy tones of the robe

  2. I thought you already completed this before? LOL! Nice work though

  3. Which one was it? I just finished this yesterday. I have four priests in my collection and the only other painted is in red and black.



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