Wednesday, August 31, 2011

commander dante finecast wip 1

This is my fail-cast commander dante, I guess i got a crappy one as there were so many pores on my model.

I've used baby powder mixed with super glue to putty up the holes. This is actually a really quick, clean and efficient technique to fill up small areas without making a big mess.


  1. His muscles look even more sculpted man! I had not thought that possible haha! The model looks tasty :P

  2. I've noticed the muscle definition too. I think it may be because this model was casted in resin and therefore easier to make out the sculpt than a shiny piece of metal although I havn't owned the metal version. @skanwy: your profile picture is commander dante, is he the metal version or fail-cast version? Mine had so many pores on it I think parts of his gun maybe hollow! lol... gw fail...

  3. I like how failcasts are lighter and don't chip as easily as heavier metal models but on the flip side of it, filing away extra metal bits sticking out is easier than filling in failcast porous resin.

    I think the reason for so many pores in our models is cuz gw is too cheap to get a better molding machine

  4. I agree that it will probably not chip as metals do.



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