Thursday, August 4, 2011

Completed Lord Commisar

Been lacking updates due to my pregnant wife keeping me busy.

However I managed to squeeze in time to paint up my first FINECAST model. The amazing Lord Commissar.

Hopefully this model will give me the much needed momentum to paint in full force again.

The quality of the model though is less than amazing. Lots of holes throughout the model and some even caused details to be obscured or totally destroyed. So much for best miniatures in the world. I actually got a replacement model because the first one I got had an extremely crooked nose!

However aside from the flaws I can see great potential in this material and can only hope for the best in future finecast releases.

Not that I am able to buy any new miniatures due to the bloody embargo anyway......


  1. Amazing paint job. Yea buying Fine cast either hit or miss, some are perfect and a few are crap... Though I prefer it over metal due to the weight and ease of assembly.

  2. I agree too. I prefer something other than metals as they chip too easily. Nice really nice.



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