Friday, August 12, 2011

space marine terrain base wip. 3

So this is what it’s looking like on the 3rd night of work. The hardest part up till now is covering the seams between insulation foam layers. It’s still looking very crude at this moment but as I progress into the details and final shaping sculpt, I will ditch the thermocutter and use my trusty chainsword I mean crafting knife…
As you can see, the biggest piece of the terrain series is the cannon turret meshed into the mountain side with its own cliff. I’ve got to say I’ve built these terrains with devastator squards and tank cover in mind. I’m really excited to get this done asap and see how the play in games.


  1. Use putty or fillers. They are sold at hardware stores. It's used to fill gaps in walls. Sold fairly cheaply too. Great work!

  2. I will look for the putty... I just worry that since the putty and the foam is different material, will the putty just lift off when its done drying? that would really suck...

  3. There will be some flaking. My only other suggestion working with this is to score the connecting parts.

    Maybe consider a soldering iron too. The heat will help gel the two levels together.

  4. I took your suggestion, I cut out smaller thin pieces of the insulation foam, wedges it in the gab and soldered it till it fused into 1 piece...

    Awesome suggestion enrgie... you should really do some terrain pieces bro...

  5. Awesome work man!

    Its looking great already, and its not even painted yet! Looking forward to more WIP :)



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