Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why Warmachine has fixed colors? B&W Menoth Repenter Warjack.

With my mood for Games Workshop miniatures at an all time low I decided to take a break from them and dig out some old Menoth miniatures I bought about 4 years ago.

My warmachine army of choice is Menoth. The extreme religious stance is something that interests me much. Therefore I would like to have a crusader theme going through them. And being all nice and bright just didn't seem to fit with the dark and brooding background normally associated with a overzealous and crusading army.

The main issue I had with warmachine was that there seemed to be a "fixed" color scheme for each army. And when we see alternate color schemes applied in warmachine armies most of the time it would feel "wrong".

Even as I embarked upon my slightly different colored Menoth warjack I did not really feel comfortable. But I have to admit after looking at it for awhile longer I began to "warm up" to the color scheme.

I wanted a darker scheme to the Menoth army. But Menoth tended to look good with whites and bright colors. I saw a couple of very dark painted Menoth minis and it just didn't quite kick it.

Therefore I decided on white as a base, as normal. But swapped out all the purple and bright colors with black.
This resulted in a single black and white color scheme which I feel retains the bright mainstay of the Menoth look while subtly adding that dimension of darkness to it.

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  1. Nicely painted warjack! Inspire to paint mine also haahha



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