Friday, May 27, 2011

2000pts Battle report: Blood Angels vs. Space Marines

My most recent game with Yonathan. I was blood angels vs Yon's space marines.
Awesome game, however getting my Storm raven shot down on 1 really did give my opponent a huge advantage as my payload of carnage wasn't delivered. All other assets in my army stretched themselves to the limit to try to achieve their objectives. Comments are welcome!

You can find the link to the pictures here:


  1. nice pictures from batrep. SR always get shot down 1st turn hahaha... always happen to mine.

    Like the last objectives pic also, good idea.

  2. Nice report, great looking terrain. The BA look ace, and the marines that are further along look good too.

    I never considered putting both kind of missiles on the whirlie, may have to consider doing that when I build mine...

  3. An excellent battle report!

    I especially like the model's eye view of the battlefield from the buildings.

    Nicely painted minis too :)

  4. Love the painted minis and terrain!

  5. Thanks guys for appreciating this batrep. No thanks to me... all thanks should go to bluntshooter or Yonathan for his efforts in taking these photos/commentary. Great show Yon!



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