Thursday, May 5, 2011

2000pts Blood Angels Army List



l Shackle soul

l Shield 100pts



l X5 marines

l Meltagun 130pts


l X5 marines

l X1 meltagun 130pts

l Razorback asscan:90pts

Librarian Dreadnought

l Wings of sanguineus

l Blood lance 175pts


Death company:

l X6

l X2 powerfist

l X1 flamer : 180pts

l Lamartes: 150pts

Tactical squad:

l X5 marines

l Srg. w/ power weapon

l Melta bombs 110pts

l Razor back with twinlinked las can 90pts

Tactical squad:

l X5 marines

l Srg. w/ power weapon

l Melta bombs 110pts

l Razor back with twinlinked las can 90pts

Fast Attack

Assault squad:

l X10 marines

l X2 meltaguns: 210pts

Heavy Support


l Twinlinked meltagun

l Extra armor

l Twinlinked ass cannons: 225pts


l Twinlinked auto cannon 110pts


l Storm bolter 100pts

Here is a list totaling 2000pts for BA. I know in my previous comments left on grimcon & enrgie’s battle report, I said BA mesh in well with their characters. Honestly, I like my lists as bland as possible with HQ therefore I only took a basic librarian.
Basically, this list has 3 serious elements your foe must respond to. It works something like this

1. Librarian runs with the stormraven and death co offering shield of sanguineous. If you’re going 2nd, keep in reserve to stay out of fire. If you’re going first then spear thrust into the most critical threat your enemy has to offer. Do not hold back on this trying to preserve the stormraven’s life. Get in close, drop your payload and if your stormraven survives, you can make some extra shots count.

2. Vanguard assault squad/librarian dreadnought and normal assault squads will form a calvary unit. If you are not deep striking, maybe the first 2 turns will be used for you to strategically position your jump infantry so they are within combo striking range. This is what I mean by combo strike – vanguard will use heroic intervention and tie up units into combat, normal assault squad + librarian dreadnought will mop up the fight. You just gotta time it right so that your vanguard and normal assault squad + libby dreadnought can impact the enemy lines together. The commitment of element 1 & 2 should attract enough attention.

3. The tactical squads are there to camp objectives as well as to capitalize on razorback spamming. As this list has no devastators, razorback spamming provides the tactical flexibility to stay back and shoot with twin linked lascannons. If the objectives have reasonable cover, disembark the tacticals and walk them to the objective towards the end of the game with the sternguard and their asscan razor back as support. These objective holding/supporting units can hose out a lot of fire and make your enemy think twice before advancing to contest. If no cover is available, and your vehicle dies, even in death tanks continue to serve as cover for your troops!

The lone twinlinked autocannon dreadnought is a marine killer very few notice. I kill averagely about 2-3 marines per turn. Most people ignore and underestimate this unit. Lastly is the whirlwind, I know its no plasma template but with a large blast pie, its good for forcing saves on units especially when everything else does not have range or is tied up with other target priorities.
Anyhow, that was my 3 cents. Let me know what y’all think before you guys tear this list apart! lol


  1. consider assault marines - JP and razorback with TL plasma and lascannon? 155 pts cheap cheap

    add melta bombs and pw = 25 + 15 = 40

    total 195 save 5 pts each. 2 can save 10pts, get that HK to shoot at that melta vet chimera to expose the goodies inside.

  2. assault marines are troops

  3. They should just take tactical marines out of the BA codex. Useless.



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