Sunday, May 8, 2011

Updates on What I've Been Up To

Been pretty busy with things, but thought I'd drop an update by.
So I've been putting together some Grey Knights and finally getting around to painting the old GK metals I've had rotting in my toolboxes for ~8 years, heres just some pictures of part of my workbench:

A close-up of one of my two Psyfle's (WIP). Magnetized the arms, and the torso (yeay for spinning Dreads!):

My Crusader prototype:

And the stuff I have to build. At the time of this posting I've already put together two of the four PAGK boxes and am in the middle of putting together my second box of plastic Terminators, to accompany my old metal Terminators.

More importantly, the biggest non-work distraction from my Grey Knights: My original chapter, the Emperor's Fury. I started painting these guys about 15 years ago, and in the past couple of years I've been updating their paintjobs. The picture below shows what I've "updated" thus far with many more in their old painted-by-a-small-kid paintjobs.

I'm still maintaining their terrible color scheme (I blame Enrgie :X) out of sheer tradition.

I'll probably get some close ups and better pictures soon.


  1. Like your rhino paint job esp the alternating patterns at the front. Alot of GK goodies there :)nice idea to use the plastic chaos warriors as crusaders, cheap and look good.

  2. Haha thanks! Its always pleasing to get positive feedback on my color scheme, sometimes I get the whole "O_O" reaction from people due to the almost psychedelic combination of blue, red and black haha.

    I'll see if I can get some nicer pictures up soon, my painting table is a colossal mess at the moment (the photo of my chapter dudes were taken in their display cabinet).

    Thing is I'm now torn between rushing my GKs or doing my chapter, so I'm just doing a bit of both for the time being hehe.

  3. Great job on the Grey Knights! I must say you paint Rhinos really well. I too dig the scheme of the Emperor's Fury :)

    I also like how the red of the Emperor's Fury rhinos graduate subtley from dark to light.

    Sweet conversion on the Inquisition Crusader :)

  4. LOL this post really made me laugh. Didn't notice that I was "blamed" there and really glad I have friends like you all to back me up! LOL



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