Saturday, May 14, 2011

We are all screwed now?

Think its gonna be another tide of change for us gamers and collectors here in Asia & Oz.
News and talk on the inter webs have suggested that come Monday the 16th May 2011 GW will be making an announcement that online retailers will no longer be able to sell GW miniatures to our countries. This is definitely insane news as this means our source of reasonable priced miniatures from Maelstrom and Wayland will come to a grinding halt.

For years we have been screwed by GW and their mad price increases, and now even control over who we chooses to buy from and the price we MUST pay.

Well guys, this might just be the start of a slow end in the hobby for me as I refuse to pay SRP prices that GW has set for our region. Think it's time for us to pull out our sources and friends in the US & UK to 'help' us make our purchases. I can only hope that all these talk are nothing more than just rumors that are not true!!!


  1. GW needs to someday realize that it's a global economy nowadays and structure accordingly, not just try to whack whichever mole is annoying it at the moment. These "sanctions" are a pretty silly idea.

  2. Yup read about this on friday, quite plausible as currently the GW in Oz selling battleforce at A$150, converting to £97. If they buy from maelstrom/wayland can buy 2 battleforce (£42-45 each) for the price of 1 and still got some cash to spare for paints.

    IMO GW think they can improve Oz and other area sales if they stop UK online retailers from shipping to those "ban" countries.

    This move will just chase players away making them quit or take a break from the hobby.
    Only the hardcore players will remain and there are proxies to ship from UK to them. The extreme/rich/ignorant players will buy from local GW. GW digging their own graves?

    What is meant for me if its true?
    I will stop my monthly purchase definitely... Only buying what I need, essential stuffs like new codex and models I actually use in games. Not buying whole range unnecessary models for collection.

  3. Let's just say it's gonna be hard for me to stop buying GW products but suffice to say that in no way am I tolerating the SRP set for us in Singapore.

    However this will mean a sharp decrease in our purchases as it means no more impulse buys or " Maelstrom has a sale so let's buy for the sake of buying" anymore.

    I am sure with the advent of this policy there will still be other channels of getting stuff at UK retail prices albeit a more arduous and even longer shipping time method.

    That's why I asked if anyone has friends or family that would be willing to help us make our purchases maybe a few times in a year where we would still be able to enjoy the UK SRP's.

    Either that or simply someone in the UK will set up a 'not brand new in box' aka "i ripped open your package before" sales of GW products to the great number of us in those affected countries?

    Even it means me having to pay 10-30GBP for shipping ordering from GW direct. It still is cheaper than the insane SRP set here in our region. Provided GW direct still accepts orders from us in the first place after the new policy is in place.....

  4. This GW ban on certain online stores sounds bad if it comes to pass.

    It will convince me buy more from other companies who also make really good miniatures as well.

  5. I hadn't heard about this but will be massively annoyed if this goes ahead. Like CrazyRat said, why buy a battle force in OZ when you can get 2 for the same price from Maelstrom.

    This is madness, and surely against a fair trade policy.

    Agree, this ould definately kill my mini purchases unles I could arrange for an international associate to lend a hand.

  6. Vpost a proxy service offered by singpost. They do UK proxy service also. Only disadvantage is the shipping cost are calculated by volumic weight - which is the bigger the box the more expensive your shipping.

    We can only hope this rumour is not true, on 16th May we will know what new trade terms GW had for our favourite online retailers.

  7. @Rogue Pom
    The rumour started in warseer forums and spread to dakka dakka forums and tabletop gaming news website.

  8. Silly GW. Sigh, thats why I've always advocated "stockpiling" - buying many many many things in preparation for an epic price hike or something like this.I remember the time they pulled out of SEA and our prices went totally nuts, looks like I'm going back into my "boycott GW" mode.

    Btw, what happened to Enrgie? His phoneline seems to be dead and I haven't seen him on in a whole week.....

  9. Hi,

    Apparantly its not too bad. Take a look at the reply from Wayland:

    And by the way, I think Enrgie may be overseas.


  10. More the reason for us to muster funds and make molds of the armies we play so we can "distribute" and not "sell" to fellow gamers.

    WTF is GW thinking hiking up their prices like that? this is a borderline embargo on gamers outside of the US & UK. I feel its suddenly a crime to be into GW models while living outside the US & UK. Take away this feeling of guilt!!! lol...

    Honestly, if I were rich, I'd be into exotic race cars instead of toy models. sigh... maybe I should stop buying and save up for something more worth its salt.

  11. How about Warmachine, Infinity or Malifaux?

  12. Warmachine, Infinity or Malifaux not affected, only GW products are affected.

    Anyway its no longer a rumour and its confirm by Mr Rob Lane from Maelstrom Games. More details in the below links

    sad day for our hobby. Guess GW will regret this foolish decision 1 day.

  13. UK contacts willing to help us here in Singapore anyone?

  14. On a side note. Kings of war will be the next game I will play. And finally will start on hordes!



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