Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Teh Dorfz Are Lazy B*stards

Rather, I am. A lazy but busy person. I know my cousin will probably kill me if I kept on going quiet, but yea, I've been having quite a few things to take care of in real life as of late.

Anyway the picture is just a teaser of what I've been very slowly and lazily working on. Its hard to be inspired to paint sometimes when alot of things are going on in life =P

Anyway, the dude thats almost complete is Grombrindal aka the White Dwarf himself, whereas the dudes around him are what-will-be-his Hammerers. I'm still a little torn about how to do their beards though. If you look at the picture, the guy left of Grombrindal in the picture has a lighter beard; the guy to the right has a black-shaded beard, while the champion right at the end of the picture has a dark grey-shaded beard. I have no idea which looks better.....Black looks best on photos I have to admit, but it looks kinda weird in real life >.<

Not to mention black-shading is rather extreme.

As for my army plans....

Right now what I have would be a single Warrior box which will be my 16 hammerers, a Rune Priest and Grombrindal (aka Thane no.1, where the BfSP Thane will be Thane no.2). I'm already getting 2 BfSP boxes with my cousin, so that means I'd probably grab a battalion for an extra bunch of warriors to make into my longbeards (I'd probably want 20 men, which is bigger than the normal box of 16 models; the battalion on the other hand gives 24 men which is more than enough) and I really want that organ gun. Doing the math I'm gonna spend just a bit for the Thunderer/Quareller figures which I don't really need, but I figured some day I might just kick myself for not having a squad of Quarellers, so I might as well get them. Plus the extras will make good squad fillers to replace the Standard Bearer and Champion Thunderer in the BfSP Thunderer squad which I probably don't plan to use; basically just for WYSIWYG reasons.

Then I'd probably get an Anvil of Doom, because its so cool :P

Projected expenditure? One Anvil, on Battalion and whatever I owe my cousin for the BfSP; basically, the price of a single BfSP box. RM650 or so I guess - hefty, but when you've been playing miniatures for as long as the both of us, its almost like RM650 is "cheap" for a full 2000 point army, although we will all miss the days multipiece plastic regiments/squads were RM88 per box (40 sing) ten years ago :(

So thats all from me for now, happy gaming/painting/studying/working XD

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