Tuesday, July 8, 2008


In response to Joash's comments:
1. I believe that the Black and Grey bears look good on the photos. I am not too sure how it looks like in RL but they work for me. It sure is cool the amount of bits you will get from a box of minis now. And since I am doing plastics again, it's so easy to transport! I can just dump them into a box or tupperware and they never lose the paint job.

2. Yes, it's a good price to pay for the minis considering how little money we pay to get so many! I've got about 40 bow armed Night Gobs that I won't be using that often. The spear armed ones I am good with. I guess I'll just have to hide my Fanatics within these units to make them usable.

Two pictures of my spider riders which I have been labouring away on these past week. These are part of my challenge to complete a unit a week. Obviously it'll be easier as I go along simply as I learn to streamline the process. I realise it's possible to do 2 cavalry at one go or 3 infantry at one go. 5 is just too many to do simultaneously as I get bored.

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