Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sunday Game - Back Into Warhammer Fantasy

Had the following game on 29th June 2008:

1. Sam + Ray (Empire + High Elves)

2. Daniel + Tet Hong (Dwarf + Dark Elves)

It was our proverbial return to Fantasy. The whole group of us used to play at my place but have since gone off to do our own things but have decided to return! Daniel and I fielded 2K while Sam and Tet Hong did 1K each. With the dwarves, I find that Dan likes to play a very static army. With two big blocks of infantry hanging back, it was kind of boring. However, Tet Hong was constantly harassing our flanks and that made the game more interesting. I doubt I could ever do a Dwarf army.

Tet Hong was easily dealt with, having wiped him out early in the game. His trick of drawing a charge failed when he flee the Dark Riders into impassable terrain (he didn’t check and in the new ed, you lose the unit if they flee through impassable or enemy units).

Now the key challenge was facing a crossbow, organ gun and 2 Bolt Throwers in an open field devoid of terrain. Firstly, we had a very narrow corridor on our right flank, forcing us to field our infantry on the middle. The problem with multiplayer games is that you tend to just deploy without really thinking of the repercussions. Lesson learnt, I will want some control over deployment of the terrain. This is just so that the terrain is well scattered and not open fields of death like our game (very boring and unfair to my side). Ideally 6 terrain pieces, nothing more than 12” wide with each getting 1 terrain piece each. That will give both sides ample room for controlling the terrain and nerfing armies that depend entirely on open terrain to function.

With force composition, I found the 5 models wide shocking. Now my Silver Helms will have to work in a unit of 9 at least to get the additional rank bonus. I fielded 8…WTF! Also, Spearmen will have to come in a unit of 15 minimum or 20 if I wanted to benefit from having the rank bonus of +2. Striking first, this should help. Sword Masters with two attacks each are superb even receiving the charge. It’s almost similar to me charging! The problem with the rule is that it allows me to play quite defensively. I am going to write a defensive list to take advantage of this rule. More Lothern Sea Guard and RBT’s, Mages and rings!

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