Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Irony!

So, after all my bitching about Space Marines "sucking", check this out:


FREAKING OMFG %#&)(%#()*!%&#*^!!!!!!!!!

Its a little long, so let me summarize what the hell GW is thinking of, which, in my knee-jerk analysis, might make Marines the freaking superhumans that can spit acid/survive in vacuum/digest toxins/etc that they are supposed to be!!!

  • Estan (sallie special character) allows any and all Salamanders in the army to replace their Combat Tactics special rule with a Salamanders version; they get Master Crafted Thunder Hammers for free. All Melta/flamer weapons in the army, no matter their source, count as twin linked – also for free.
    The new space marine codex was so written that you can use any special characters in your count-as chapter. So, since I play "my own chapter", kekeke...expect alot of FIYAHHHH to be coming from me! Meltas and flamers count as twin-linked? OMFG BBQ!
  • Storm Shields: now grant a 3+ Invulnerable Save versus shooting and assault.
    Heh, wtf. Terminators just got a lot better.
  • Tactical squads: can have any number of marines from 5 to 10, but can only have special/heavy weapons if you take a full 10 man squad. They can be split into combat squads during deployment. To make up for the "must have 10 for special/heavies" rule flamers, missile launchers, multi-meltas and heavy bolters are now FREE! You only pay points to take the rest of the weapon options.

    HELL YES! Flexi squad sizes! I don't give a damn about the whole "special/heavy weapons requiring 10 men rule", I just like having my flexi squad sizes back!
  • Dreadnought Options: Standard, Venerable, and Ironclad with each being an elite choice.
  • Venerables are back to WS/BS 5.
  • Ironclads have 13/13/10 armour and can take twin DCCW, Hurricane bolter, twin linked heavy flamer, and some others It also has a rule which (possibly a weapon option) called the Seismic Hammer which counts as a thunder hammer and allows difficult terrain tests to be re-roll as the Ironclad batters terrain out of the way.
  • Dreads weapons options: Assault Cannon, Multi Melta, linked Heavy Bolters, linked Heavy Flamers, linked las cannon, linked autocannon, plasma cannon, DCCW, Missile Launcher, and maybe more. The linked autocannon can be purchased for BOTH arms, and possibly some others options as well.

    Dreads should, hopefully, be really dreaded from now on. Mainly we are talking about the Ironclad.
  • Sternguard Veterans: have Deathwatch style ammo. Two can take special/heavies/special CCW including HEAVY FLAMERS. For +5pts each they can also take any combi weapon and still keep the specialist ammo type.
    Vanguard Veterans: are similar but are combat-heavy and can have jump packs as an option. They may be further upgraded to Honour Guard if you take a Company Master.


  • Power of the Machine Spirit now allows each weapon on a Land Raider to fire at a separate target.
    This rule now makes Land Raiders (the original "shitty version" with lascannons) *extremely* good. I've always held to my belief that the only thing stopping LR's from becoming utterly crazy is their inability to split fire, thus making two lascannons and a heavy bolter completely pointless. Now, with the ability to hit three targets with three weapons, LR's are now like Space Wolf Long Fangs on tracks. Insanity!

    And some rumors from B&C:

  • Legion of the Damned are back! And, they have 2 attacks, can shoot rapid fire weapons (erm, their bolters that is) and still assault, and most importantly; THEY HAVE A 3+ INVULNERABLE SAVE!!
    Talk about a lot of 3+ invuls all of a sudden....
    and this really isn't a rumor, I saw a scan of the page from the codex.

  • The Crimson Fists special character and possibly The Marneus Calgar are potentially going to hit with their Powerfists at initiative speed.
    This makes sense I guess, The Marneus has to be able to face The Abaddon and fight on even grounds....because only he is badass enough to use two powerfists; something that has been useless for the past two editions of WH40k =P


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