Monday, July 21, 2008

Pointless Post =D

So I haven't touched my Dwarves in over a week, but its not like they are gonna rot without me painting them wahahaha

That said, I'm currently working on what I would call as the "Loyalist Abaddon Project". I'm basically gonna make an Abaddon "count-as" for my loyalist Space Marine chapter when I decide to play the Chaos codex. Look forward to it!

I like the Chaos codex 100x more than the current Space Marine codex, and quite possibly the next one as well unless they somehow really revamp the codex big time. Normal Space Marines have the melee combat capable of Imperial Guardsmen, just that they have 4S, 4S, 4I and a 3+ save, at the cost of being like over twice the price of a Guardsman.

What do I mean by this?
Well, quite simple, toss any specialist melee unit at them and they die. Horribly. Hell it doesn't even need to be an Elite; even some troops kill marines as if they were guardsmen.....

Chaos on the other hand gives me a few more options. Mainly I'm looking at Khorne/vanilla Chaos, since it gives me the "psycho melee badassery" that I really liked about the 3rd ed. Blood Angels codex, which also lost its fangs in 4th ed. I love Marines because of how they look, the fact I grew up with my Marines since I was a young kid also means a lot to me; with that said I believe I'll never abandon my Marines for as long as I play 40k, but as far as playstyle goes, I'm all for melee supremacy over "standing and shooting" - if I wanted to play a shooty army I would play IG or Tau (which I do play anyway, because I like their battlesuits =P)

To make matters worse, the upcoming codex will have the dumb "5 or 10 men" squad sizes; I happen to really like the numbers in between 5 and 10 (typically 7 or 8), and having to play in rounded numbers which I feel are either too big or too small just makes it all so...crappy.

I'll reserve my judgement for the new Space Marine codex till its out, but right now I'm admittedly fairly skeptical.

So, why Abaddon, of all people?
Because he is a psycho melee badass.
I'm sure my cousin would recall me talking (and he has probably even seen it on paper) about my chapter having an uber godlike monstrosity as my chapter master many many years ago. I believe I even mentioned to my cousin that I want my chapter master to *be* the Emperor, since I recall him saying that the Imperium would hunt me down for blasphemy if I claimed my Chapter Master was the Emperor. Ah, the joys of how a grade school kid's mind works........

So yes, anyway, I've always, and still do, envision my Chapter Master to be rediculously powerful. My constant exposure to anime involving people blowing up cities and shredding armies by just punching and kicking hasn't made my imaginations any less vivid despite my increased (but still kinda low) maturity =P

Abaddon has S8, I6, up to like 11 attacks (if I counted right the last time...4A + 6A from his weapons +1A from charging), ignores saves, rerolls failed to wounds, immune to instant death, blah blah blah; completely and utterly insane and yet completely and utterly fitting to my imagination of what my Chapter Master should be =D

That, and I happen to have a Chaos Terminator Lord kit sitting around. I don't really know what inspired me to buy it in the first place; heck it wasn't even on the shelves, I ORDERED it. I'm thinking its because of the bits (I'm a sucker for nice bits, like two very cool Lightning Claws and a big axe), but I'm not sure. Maybe my subconcious knew I'd make a loyalist Abaddon some day.... O_o

I'm fairly experienced at taking chaos miniatures and making them into loyalists....sometimes people ask me "why don't I just play Chaos". Really the answer is in three parts;
1) If my dad saw a bunch of Daemons sitting on my table I'm pretty sure he will be after my Blood for the Blood God =P
He hates that kind of things. He even thought my Terminators looked like demons. Because I painted their eyes red >_>

2) I like some of the Chaos miniatures, but they are all excessively spikey, which I really don't like. A bit of spikeyness is nice, but having toothpicks poking out all over the place isn't cool, IMO.

3) I'd rather play on the side of humanity rather than submit to some weird sentient super warp being. AkA I like being the good guy. Most of the time. I like my Dark Eldar because they are crazy pirates, not fanatical worshippers of dark gods.

So yeah, thats the end of my post.
Damn, all of that was kinda random....must be the time. 2.25am for the lose...
Till next time!

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