Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Terrain WIP, Malifaux and Space Marines vs Tau (Green Variant)

I've been working on some terrain recently so I can get some games in at home. The kit from GW is amazing. With elevation, it creates a nice battlefield too. 

Detailed detailed!
Almost done now, just need some detailed work and weathering

And then I got in a game with Samuel - a long time player of Malifaux. I really wanted to get more variety and he brought a list I am totally unfamiliar with. The Strategy and Schemes were also very unique as he used the Gaining Grounds 2016 ones. Nonetheless, I just played on!

Love how the mat just tied everything together
I brought a hybrid Misaki list. She would be Outcasts and she can hire up to 4 from 10 Thunders. The Trapper and Librarian from the Hired Guns were really useful

That LOS blocking terrain really hampered both our sides
Eventually we ran out of time and the game had to be called on Turn 3. Sam ran in and Laid the Trap, giving him 3 to my 2! Damn! Like all lists, you need to play and familiarize yourself!

Right after the game with Sam, Alan came in and we set up for our 1850 game. I brought the very same list I have been practicing with (we had only found out that you cannot use FW). This means that I will have to remove the Fire Raptor and replace it with a few other minis. I suspect they will be more Marines!

Rolled on Cloak and Dagger.

Tau would take first turn. 
There is of course the issue of how the Tau share buffs. Aus Comp does not allow the sharing of buffs but the players at Grex do. We chose to follow the Grex ruling although we both agreed that this was a little too extreme an interpretation as this allowed for multiple units to gain ignore cover, twinlinked etc just by attaching one Commander to the group of 3 units that is firing.

In the games leading up to this, Pat has thought me that keeping the Centurions in cover is critical

Even then, I lost one to his Intercept

While his Stealth Cadre entered mid field and killed everything around it while gaining 2+ cover
Tau breaks so many rules that it really made this game very one sided. I lost the game eventually. This was the first time that I was playing Tau with buff sharing in place and I think it is definitely too extreme. However, if that is how the community is interpreting the rules, then you either have to come to the table prepared or just don't play that ruleset. Thankfully there are people in the community to rule otherwise, including AusComp which prevents these shennanigans. Let's hope GW can come up and respond. 

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