Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Malifaux Batrep - Misaki vs Sonia Cridd 40SS Encounter

I managed to get some time off from work to get a game in with Eugene at his store. I wanted to learn how to use Misaki better. Here's a brief of the game we had with some nice highlights

I chose these two Schemes from the pool

Spread the two Torakage out to attempt the Strategy, Stake the Claim

Gotta love the Plascraft terrain. Fast and cheap! 

Planted this Torakage here to wait for Eugene's minion on the other side.

The Trapper picking off targets where he could

Eventually both Masters faced each other and I was able to pull off a kill, achieving my Scheme

By playing Misaki cautiously, I was able to use the last few turns to send the missile to take off the Master, Sonia Cridd. As this was my Scheme, it meant I led in points! It is also my first win in Malifaux! Thanks for the game Eugene! 

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