Thursday, March 10, 2016

Additional Malifaux Goodies

I have been busy beavering away at my Malifaux collection and raising them as quickly as possible. Quite recently I managed to secure some reinforcements for my Ten Thunders and Outcasts which should give me some options with the Schemes and Strategies. 

Got them with Von Schill and Misaki in mind
I have heard really good things about all three models above. They synergize really well with the 2 Masters I am currently learning and should give me a good spread of typecast for the S&S that we randomly determine at the start of each game.


The crew all assembled
Some of you may notice the Limited Edition Katanaka Sniper that came along in the Shenlong Boxed Set. I swapped one of the Snipers from the box set with Eugene hence we both had 2, but both would have our Limited version too.

I got this guy just because he looked so very Samurai! 

Even got myself the Shadow Effigy

Broke open the Shenlong Starter set

Got out the Samurai as well! 

These archers just looked too cool not to include! 

To compliment my Malifaux collection, I added a little Garden

I was pleasantly surprised by how little mould lines this kit had. Saved me a ton of time

All bases completed with the cobblestone, I put them all into my priming booth and sprayed all at one go! 

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