Thursday, March 3, 2016

Malifaux Ten Thunders Shenlong vs Outcasts and Neverborn

Managed to get 2 games in with Eugene and Pat. I had just finished up Shenlong's crew out of the box and wanted to give him a go so I set up to play with that in mind. 

The first game had me playing Eugene and his Outcasts. He brought the Victorias (and their Secret). 

I chose these Schemes
 In hindsight, Take Prisoner and Assassinate do not gel. You can't take what you kill! DOH!

Added a Sniper to my base box set

Mostly were just primed sorry! I'll get painting! 
Shenlong is a tough Master to use. You really need to synergize his abilities with those of his crew. If he dies, that's pretty much game over for you because the rest of the crew really depend on his abilities.

At game end
Unfortunately, I was not able to kill off the right Victoria, leaving me with a very bruised crew.

Pat then came in and we set up for another round of Malifaux!
Due to time constraints, we set up for 35 Soulstones instead. I focussed on using most of the Shenlong crew but dropped one Peasant as I could spawn another during the game.

Haha, I need to sacrifice my own guy! How Malifaux!

Pat brought Jacob Lynch and his casino crew
This time I played differently and kept Shenlong behind, leaving my Peasants out to bait him.

Upgrades change the game a lot and confused me to no end!

Turn 2, I lost Shenlong to a very nasty Bad Debt. 

Game end

Got those tokens! 
We tallied the score and now I drew with Pat! Close close game! At least I wasn't loosing like a cow any more!

Now that aside, this Master is hard to use. Really really hard. I would not suggest using it until the player is a little more familiar with the game, what the opponent can do, or is using a lot of debuff conditions (Poison, Fire, etc). Monks are gooooood! Always charge them in if you can!

Hopefully you guys are interested to give this game a good try. 

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