Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Updates to the Road to the Invitationals: Space Marines vs Harlequins

Thanks goes out to all my opponents and Followers of this blog for kicking me and getting me to update it. I have been busy of late with work and only managed to squeeze in a game here or there. Work goes apace with my preparations and here is the first battle that I played with this 1850 list I prepared for the Invitationals (which is now pushed back to March 20th). 

I brought a Space Marine (Red Ultramarines!) and see myself using them during competitive events. The Blood Angel Codex really struggles in the current meta and I just don't see them being competitive enough. FW models were allowed when I designed this list (which has now been removed and we are adding Australia Community Composition into the mix). Unfortunately, the next few games will include my FireRaptor as I didn't change my list and was practicing with the FW allowance in mind. 

My list comprised the Battle Demi Company with Sicarius, 29 Tactical Marines (20 in Pods), 3 Centurions with Grav, Librarian Level 2, 4 Bikes (2 Grav + Combo Grav), a Razorback. In a CAD I brought a Drop Pod, 20 Scouts with Sniper Rifles. 

Jason brought a mix of Harlequins with a number of Jetbikes for ObSec madness. 

Mission was Contact Lost 
First booboo of the game. My list. I had 9 Marines who would sit inside the Razorback with Sicarius until Jason pointed out that I could only bring 6 per Razorback!

So I had to deploy them outside of the vehicle.
Jason's deployment with the Wraithknight taking centrestage

Redeployed the Tactical Squad!
The following are highlights of the game.

Centurions drop in and take out the Wraithknight with Hunters Eye

Jason did not have much luck drawing the right Objective cards and moved forward to try to kill me to achieve the special ones

FireRaptor arrives and Jason did not really have an answer to it

Unfortunately for Jason, I managed to destroy every one of his units
It was a massacre and the Red Marines took the day. Not bad for a wrongly designed list. Then again, being an Eldar player myself, I knew which Psychic powers to deny and which to let go. He was also very dependent on certain powers like Veil of Tears which I promptly denied.

I will be going back to makes changes to the list. See you guys soon! 

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