Friday, February 26, 2016

Malifaux Madness - WIP and Batrep!

I have been smitten by the Malifaux bug recently. I have built up and painted my Misaki crew and only managed to get in two games prior. At 35 Soulstones (points in Malifaux), my Crew was quite limited. Keith and Patrick had a large pool of characters that they could choose from so I went out and got 2 very good boxes. 

Enter Hired Guns and Swords

Excellent value

I went back and immediately took them out of the boxes, prepared their bases using greenstuff and built the models. 

Greenstuff and mold press - stuff of legends

VonSchill and his crew

Victorias and their Secret
I was out to try a new technique - zenithal. I had used this technique before on my Blood Angels but it was muted. With these models and how tiny they were, I thought they would really benefit a ton from it. Black basecoat followed by a gentle spray of white. The results would be enough for you to play la noir style if you like.

La Noir Belles

La Noir Corp

Washes and a few highlights, voila! 

I am gonna weather the bases a little more. Seem like they need more work.

The very next day, I met up with Patrick for a game. We agreed to 35SS so I could try out my Von Schill Crew and he brought his Jacob Lynch. Here are some highlights

Kept my force relatively close together to benefit from Von Schill's buff

Kept at arms length out of reach of the Darkness

I couldn't save everyone with the suitcase

Also, I was not aware that he could bring the Darkness back! 
Darkness and Rising Sun upgrade does not count as being Killed! Killing the Darkness served no purpose....allowing Pat to win this game.

Darkness is nasty...
I have learnt to kill Darkness with the Librarian, her casting can take it out in one turn. Then kill Jacob!!! That's the only way you can ensure the Darkness stays gone - especially if he has the Rising Sun upgrade.

Stay tuned as we go beyond the Breach! 

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