Saturday, February 27, 2016

(Red) Space Marines vs Tau

Tourney preparations underway. I challenged good old Patrick who brought the new nasties, Tau. He interprets the Hunter Cadre as non-buff sharing but he brought 2 Stormsurges. 

Almost WYSIWYG army on the table - Sniper Scouts not available!

Pat's Tau force-Riptides are proxying for Stormsurges

Most of Pat's drones are laid out for all to see-high priority! 

I hid as much as I could from LOS

Got the spring over Patrick and dropped the Centurions way too close to his Stormsurges, forgetting that Tau have Intercept
Lesson here is that use the 24" that your Grav Cannons have!
With Hunters Eye, you can actually hide the Centurions behind the Drop Pod to earn some cover fire from the Stormsurges' Intercept

With my alpha strike blunted, I was playing on the backfoot, trying to catch up

I focussed on as many objectives as I could

A hero is born, now nicknamed Fish for his talent at taking out the fish

My only consolation was my Fire Raptor. Then again, it struggled to make an impact big enough

Linebreaker units

Some barrage sniping killed off Sicarius

Leaving me with a very sad board

With little left to do,  I went for objectives

Game ended with a small margin of points
Two Stormsurges are hard to deal with. The amount of firepower is intense! My list unfortunately doesn't do both very well, either capturing or killing. I may have to relook into it.

Someone had this in my colours! 

After the game with Patrick, I decided to finish up as many of my models as possible. Like Marshall always comments, you can never have enough Marines.

I like to paint in 3's as they give me a sense of completion 

Another 3

The two brushes that I use for all my paint jobs. 

Another 3! 
I hope I can finish my army in time for the tourney. Stay tuned! 

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