Thursday, February 25, 2016

Space Marines vs Adeptus Mechanicus + Skitarrii

I have always wanted to play with Charles as his army is beautifully painted. An Admech force, this would really put my army to the test. He brought the War Convocation, one which I have never fought before. 

It would be red on red! 

My list was tweaked from the previous game with Jason's Harlequins. I swapped out the Razorback for a Rhino and brought in a Thunderfire Cannon. I had also removed the Librarian and swapped for a Captain with Artificier Armour. 

Here are some highlights

Deployed really cagey - that Tac squad is actually in the Rhino

Got the first turn and didn't bring my Centurions in because the Imperial Knight was too close to the table edge. 
Note: the Centurions' Grav Guns are 24"!!! I need to remember that I do not have to drop in within 12" like a Melta gun!

Also, Bikers Grav guns are 18", not 24"!!!

Big mistake led them to die very quickly. I moved them up thinking they were in range only to find they were out and got charged in return

The Fire Raptor came in and I tried to take out his only air defence but it limps on 1 Hull Point! 

Thankfully my Raptor survived the return fire

I had to pull Sicarius out from the burning Rhino and hid him in the ruins behind
Eventually as the game ground on, I kept pulling Sicarius back out - I was not familiar with his abilities and thought he was only good for buffing the other units. This frustrated Charles to no end and it was quite funny. My Drop pods really helped me win the game, allowing me to capture most of the maelstrom objectives and take home the game. There was little left on the table had the game gone on (both store closing and the 3 hour mark was up). Looks like my list cannot take on the Admech in a normal game.

Just a few Marines I recently airbrushed for the game

I needed a Captain and I had the Sigmarite hanging around so KITBASH! SIGMARINE! 

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