Saturday, September 26, 2015

Slowburn Month 5 Progress

As with all leagues, attrition is guaranteed. This month only 3 people managed to turn up, although I know a few of the guys actually have valid reasons. Nevertheless, really proud of the guys who did and completed their pledges despite being so busy with life. Here they are! 

Sam and Ray - Death Angels! 

Sam's 3rd army this league! 
While he didn't get them all to his usual top finished standard, this is his 3rd army. Started with Eldar, then Nids and now Marines! Madness!

Red wants to go fasta! 
Month 5's theme was Red Wants to go Fasta hence I completed these fast units. But as a bonus, I completed the Terminators and Cassor the Damned as well.

Probably spent the most time on these guys in my entire painting career these Terminators. I do love them though. Each one of them dripping with character.

Mark and his really lovingly crafted Orks! 
Sam, Mark and myself are thinking of doing a battle between the Death Angels vs the Orks. Mark will need reinforcements in the form of Alex though! 1500 vs 1500. Bring it! 

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