Monday, September 28, 2015

Distractions! Malifaux has landed at ABO

Such beautiful models! So when Rico let one of his boxed sets go, I thought I would take it to try them out. And man, these models are SWEET! Really fine models. Think Harlequins. True scale too, making them really nice to look at.

Amazed that these models had no mould lines. Could it just be my boxset?
I went and used Green Stuff and pressed them into moulds (thanks Melvin) to create the cobblestone effect you see on the models' bases.

Used my airbrush to create the shades

Just some WIP before we played the next day

Virgin game!
Patrick hosted the intro game for us and lent me his Lady Justice Crew. My wife actually played my Misaki crew. It was quite confusing initially but I think I roughly get how it works. The Cheat mechanic really made the game more about risk management. The later the game gets, the more interesting it gets.

Got me really pumped to get more stuff! ERMAGAWD!

But don't worry, 40k still a big part of my life so this blog will still be updated. Look what I just bought the other day.

Ed's face: Priceless
See you guys soon and enjoy your week!

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