Sunday, September 27, 2015

Slowburn - 1000 Point Clash of Patrols!

This Shortrep is kinda late but this was taken during Month 4 end when we each brought our 1000 point Slowburn armies to battle it out. So we ended with really beautiful armies and all had a blast playing. Really feel that 40k should be like this. All nicely completed and no one bringing spam lists. Well done chaps! 

Mark lining up his Orks-even at 1000 points it's a massive horde! 

Charles grinning before letting hell down

Alan and his semi complete Night Spinner-tsk tsk tsk! Sam with his beautiful Dark Angels Ravenwing

My Blood Angels vs Zim's mobile White Scars

Tough fight! 
The day eventually went to Zim who also took the first Slowburn 2v2 at ITE! Looks like we have the makings of a champ here. Watch out as he continues to smash heads!

Two more events coming in October as Patrick preps his 1500 Last March of the Titans and I prep Titan Souls Apocalypse. 

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