Wednesday, September 30, 2015

All quiet on the western front?

It’s been quiet on the blog since the GR invitational tourney but its actually been quite the opposite here in our gaming world.

Well firstly we heard about the closure of my favourite gaming haunt, this led to our many discussions about what to do etc, we haven’t an answer yet. 

Because we have built up a nice little community of regulars who are both fanatical about wargaming and modelling, we really want to keep the community going.

Also we had a mad run to stock up on mini’s and supplies in the said shop’s closing down sales.
Whole shelves cleared in a few days! Ray in his earlier post, obviously helped to clear the shelf too!

We even had a chance to celebrate the opening of a cool bakery in the Kg Bahru. Lots of yummy cakes! Thanks Swarmlord and JE!

"Say Cheesee!"  Photo (courtesy of Mrs AM, used without permission =p )

Something that got me excited is the announcement of the 1500point ‘Last March of the Titans Tourney', I really want to give it a good run.

I decided to give myself a few goals of
1.)    Putting together a decently competitive ork army
2.)    Play competently (heh)
3.)    Fully paint every one of them green skins..

Grey? tide..

Tall order? Miracles happen in Ork-tober! We’ll find out. 4 weeks left to the 1500pt battle …

Here's the new banner for the all up coming Orky posts!

Last but not least, heres a photo by special request..  =)

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