Thursday, September 4, 2014

X-Wing: Second Video

Managed to get in 6 solid games of X-Wing yesterday. 4 with Vick and 2 with Jeremy. I played two variants of the Whisper list that I have been experimenting with. In both builds Whisper is kitted out exactly the same:

"Whisper" — TIE Phantom 32
Veteran Instincts 1
Fire-Control System 2
Advanced Cloaking Device 4

The two other lists had either Academies x5 or Defenders x2 - all without upgrades. 

I also managed to get in 2 videos albeit the second one got cut off due to a flat battery. I also tried to mitigate the problem with moisture by leaving the camera to dry up first. It worked only until 1 hour into the video and then it started fogging up again. I'll keep trying. 

Flying against a Fat Chewy list which had Luke Crew, C3PO Crew, Millennium Falcon title, Predator. Gunning for Chewy early game is the key to beating it. C3P0 can only activate once per turn and with his 1 Evade and 1 Green Die, he will be hard pressed to tank all those shots coming in. Death by a Thousand Cuts. Manage to win

Vick used the same list but I swapped out for my Defenders in this list. Whisper remains the same. Kept Whisper at Range 3 while the 2 Defenders kept the pressure on. 

Imperial might led by Baron Soontir Fel and Whisper

Vick brought 4 Sabers with Push The Limit. Got a few lucky one shot kills in and won this one as well. The Defenders surprisingly showed it's ability to dog-fight Interceptors. I was under the impression that I was going to lose once I lost Whisper in the early game. They clawed the game back for me. 
Played 2 more games with Jeremy but in the first game I made a major error in the 3rd Turn losing Whisper early game to a botched decloak so I called it. We reset and I actually managed to win the next game. Death by a Thousand Cuts really works. 

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