Wednesday, September 24, 2014

X Wing League Week 2 and Nagash

Week 2 and I got 4 more games. Played Jeremy, Andreas, Roy and Dale. Managed to beat Jeremy, Roy and Dale but lost to Andreas. He is currently the leader of the pack so looks like I may not get dibs into the prizes. Dang. 

Game with Dale who brought a 4 Interceptor + PTL. Excellent flying although I am not convinced by PS6 pilots. 

Game with Roy - managed to cause a bad crit on Soontir which left Roy with the Doom Shuttle and Kath. 4 Ties managed to take down the Shuttle with help by the Phantom. Kept Kath for last due to her Rebel Captive. 

My friend went to Vegas and got me this

I think this is the MOST beautiful Nagash model I have seen so thought I would share it with you guys too

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