Monday, June 30, 2014

Singapore X-Wing Regionals 2014

So what have I been up the past few weeks? Besides work and real life, it was practicing for the Regionals. Held at Gamersaurus Rex, we had a small contingent of Malaysian players who turned up as well. 

Unfortunately I could not take many photos as the games were really tight. We had 35 people sign up and 6 qualifier games to play. I brought the following list:

"Echo" — TIE Phantom30
Veteran Instincts1
Recon Specialist3
Advanced Cloaking Device4
Bounty Hunter — Firespray-3133
Seismic Charges2
Omicron Group Pilot — Lambda-Class Shuttle21

The following pictures are caught before I kicked off each round. Swiss rounds.

First game against Elliot fielding a Jonus + Bombers x3. He is an old gaming buddy of mine so we had a blast. I did lose this game though.

Largest turnout to date. I am glad the community is thriving. 

So many tables of X Wing going on at the same time. It actually got warm! 

My second game was against Alex Yeo. Played him for the first time. Friendly chap! His list was a little sub-optimal as he was using Interceptors akin to Tie Fighters with more attacks. Interceptors need Push the Limit. I manage to win this game

Unfortunately for Alex as well, I managed to roll really well, one shot killed his Interceptors with my Echo TWICE! 

My third game was with Isaac. In this picture you can already see his strange deployment. I let it slide a few times that he just shifted his models ahead but after a few rounds I asked him politely to move them one by one due to "turbulence" which can cause collisions. He obliged and I think that moved him out of his comfort zone. I won this game as well.

My fourth game was with one of the boys that work at the store. I missed his name (apologies!). He piloted really well missing asteroids and his own ships by a hairs breadth. Amazing. I lost this game. 

My fifth game saw me fighting Soe, one of the ex-store champions. We danced a little and I managed to pull this game limping on 2 HP on my Shuttle and 1 HP on my Echo. The odds were clearly against Soe in this game but remarkable play.

My last qualifier game was with Richard, one of my sparring buddies. A really polite and pleasant guy, I could not have asked for a better 6th game. We had played a few times during our practice sessions and the time he won was when he just went after my two ships. Unfortunately I think the long day got to him and he went after Echo again leaving me with the victory. 

Just more action going on around me. Richard committing to take out my lone Echo allowing me to flank

The table behind me with my sensei, Vick playing

Look carefully at that Echo. It's almost invisible! 

And that modified Carnor Jax

Another excellent paintjob - by Jeremy

Jonnie vs someone....
The dust finally settles at 9PM. The scores calculated and the top 8 were called. I didn't make the cut. Damn...but I managed to get number 10, netting me the Evade tokens and Luke Skywalker.

I wanted the dice too but alas, wasn't good enough.

Blacked out when the guys collected their tokens and cards

Here are some photos of the top 8.
No wave 4 ships...ooooo

Table 2

Table 3

Table 4 - Vick with his cloaked Whisper
It was an excellent day of gaming. While I would have preferred if we had started earlier or shortening it to 5 rounds, I enjoyed myself.

Oh yea, someone needs to repair that AC. Gamer funk at 8PM with an empty stomach makes me grouchy.

Game on fellas! 

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