Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tyranids! Ommmm nommmmm noommmmm

With the Tyranids new models being released, thought I would take this opportunity to showcase some of the models from last year. My own and others that I have played against. 

2011 Sporecon army. It took me awhile to build it up but having a target really helped. I have to thank the ABO guys for helping me tweak this army.

 Drama shot! The Nids are coming for you!

 Army shots during the tournament interval. The above is mine.

4 Nid armies which is quite impressive. Strange colour schemes too.


  1. omg... its about time for some 40k... enough of the fantasy lameness...

  2. Still really nice looking Nids u got there Ray ;)

    I will also never forget the super pink Nids. The image is etched in my brain haha!

    The new models look awesome!

  3. Fantasy I find is just more fun Jay!

    Sam: I'm glad you're back!



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