Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas in November!!!

Santa Claws + plastic crack = win

*No basketballs were harmed in this picture

$800+ worth of plastics sure are heavy... or maybe its just my puny weak arms lol...

Contents if anyone is curious:

Imperial Guard Valkrie 2
Space Marine Whirlwind 2
Savage Orcs 4
Orc Shaman 1
Ogre Kingdom Battalion 1
Ogre Ironblaster 1
Dwarf Warriors box set 1
GW Lord of the Rings: Dwarf Rangers box-set 1
Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors 1
Tomb Kings Necropolis Knights 1
Eternity Stair & Dreadfire Portal 1

Come collect your stuffs!


  1. I hear the chimes and the Ho Ho Ho =)

    Thanks for collecting our stuff man. Appreciate it.

  2. Thanks a bunch for picking it up YC!



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