Monday, November 28, 2011

Catch up hobby

As the age old story goes, we all don't have enough time for our hobby. And the typical excuse would be life itself.

For me it has been one mad hectic year. Settled my wedding, moved into my own home, pursued my history honors and most recently came to terms with reality of being a father with the birth of my son a week ago.

Well with the school holidays finally upon me. And all the hustle and bustle of life generally settling down nicely. I took this free period to catch up with my life long passion.

Out came the airbrush from storage. And I blasted away at 3 armies that are WIP at the moment for me (ain't everything WIP honestly, heh).

I must compliment the Vallejo air paint series. The ease of simply squeezing paint directly from the bottle into the airbrush feed is godsend. No more tedious mixing of colors with thinner. No more inconsistency and time wasting. Gonna stock up on more colors very soon.

Now let's see how much dark Eldar I can paint before Xmas.


  1. Very nice! You back in the mix. When you available to play a Fantasy game?

  2. nice colour shades you got there.
    with regard to SG, are there other warhammer stores apart from PI? thanks...

  3. There are quite a number but that depends on what you are after.

  4. probably for a place to game at.

  5. PI is alright to game at. Battle Bunker has pretty good gaming space.

    Alternatively you can contact us to get in a game.

  6. There GG also, Gamer Garage. 4 shops that offer gaming spaces, some free, some need to pay. Alternative is game at friends house.



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