Friday, November 18, 2011

60 Orcs Horde - Mantic Style

Just completed the Orc models I received from Maelstrom Games. Was planning to do 30 at first then realised that once I have started moving quick on them, I could go on to finish the rest. 

So this is what the first 30 looked like. All ranked up with Full Command. This is regiment is from the Booldugz Tribe!
 Arooooooooh! A full 60 horde completed and ready for war!
 I just had to snap another picture.
In case you are wondering how they look like up close, I have to say they actually impressed me quite a bit. Although thinner than their GW counterparts, these Orcs make great troops to bulk out the mainstay of the Orc horde. Being less cost prohibitive too, you can actually have them fill up your core and then have the GW models play the Big Un's.

My plan is to base them up using sand on their bases. To magnetize them, I will be using sheet magnets as the bases have no holes like the GW models.

I will be using the wash technique on them to finish them fast. The brilliance of cheap models is that I am under no pressure to make them super nice, just tabletop quality. 


  1. Impressive, scary even in photos. Deathstar incoming!

  2. I would say to anyone who doesnt already have any GW Orcs-DONT buy ANY, these are far better and serious looking, i have a massive Orc army but if i was starting today i would have mantic Great axes for Black Orcs, mantic Orcs for Big uns and various units of Lord of the rings Uruk-hai and Wargames Factory orcs foe normal Orcs.



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