Tuesday, November 22, 2011

blood angels army carrying case

Its been a while since I've blogged about warhammer 40k. A recent game I played with pure grey knights against Ethrion's marine gt list got me rejuvenated into the hobby after a brief hiatus. I've been working on heavily touching up my blood angels army. I dunno, grey knights were disgustingly point and click which inspired me to play again. The only thing stopping me from experimenting with my blood angels army was the fact that I had nothing to safely transport my storm ravens to the store. With this set up, problems are solved...


  1. This is really nice! Finally seeing you back in action and seeing the trays! I wanna get my hands on the bag!

  2. Outter dimensions are as follows: H9" x W18" x D14" The bag is designed to easily hold over 3000pts of models.

    The store is up and running, kindly let me know if you guys (contributors to anythingbutones) are ordering and I'll throw in some surprises for you. Feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions. Many thanks!

  3. More xmas presents for myself!

    I'll sign up for one of the carrying cases please thanks!

    Let me know what else needs to be done before I proceed placing a order from the store thanks!

  4. If you click on "army transport system full package" and complete payments; kindly send us an email as per instructions and let us know which optional & core trays you would like.

    We'll sort you out asap. Due to xmas just around the corner it might be wise to place your orders asap to avoid being in the waiting list. Thanks for the support guys. I know its been a long time coming!!!

  5. What about non-space marine type of foam? Tyranids for example. Also, what about Fantasy? High Elves and Orcs and Goblins

  6. Good question. Nids and IG will be next. No plans on fantasy yet as I have none of those models. Right now I'm trying to bang out all 40k races first.

  7. Actually I'm interested in the IG trays as I mainly play IG. But maybe Ill just get it for the SM's first as I have them as well and it seems like a general enough set to have.

    Any estimate timeline when the IG trays will be out?

  8. @Beef Nuggets:

    certain elements of the marine trays will work with IG so certain trays can roll over and be used with both army sets. (30 marine tray)

    As for IG, do you have a list of units you play? If you can email me a list of these units I can tailor them to you first hehehe... I can't make any firm commitments as of yet as its too early to tell, but it shouldn't be too long. Let me know if you need my email address. Many thanks!

  9. Nids nids nids!

    Most important are those for the metal models. I have converted stuff too so they have strange shapes.

  10. @Enrgie:

    send me a list of what you have thats been most heavily converted and I'll work something out for you too.

    My carnifex and trygon shapes have been designed with an amount of flexible constraints in mind if you used all the bits from the original kit. A bit more info would help out a lot.

  11. Do you want me to trace out the silhouette from the top?

    If yes, I will work on it this coming weekend. Awesome Jay, just awesome!

    That means that I can also give you measurements for my Fantasy minis?

  12. Yes pls send me your email thanks!




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