Monday, February 7, 2011

Stormraven WIP after 21 hours

I've made it a habit to time myself with "big chunk projects" lately. It helps me push myself like a workout I am using while training for the Standard Chartered Marathon coming up in just 2 weeks!!! As you can see in 21 hours (rounding up), I'm at around 60% completion for my new Stormravens. Love it or hate it, this kit actually came with numbered parts with a full fledged booklet of instructions. My impression of this kit is that it's extremely well engineered with all parts lining up perfectly. My only advice is you need to plan the construction process with ease of painting in mind.

Being an assault craft, you would think the adeptus mechanicus would design these birds to have a higher headroom so they can run out and bash their foes... clearly this isn't the case.

I usually airbrush all my vehicles/mecha models, Since Chinese New Years was an interruption I needed to work around, I went back to basics. From left to right is the order of paints I used.
1. cheap industrial grade spray paint around $20HKD per can (same size as gw's) This paint will hold onto anything and resist scratches much better. The most important reason is that industrial grade spray cans are more coarse therefore leaving a rougher surface suitable for the worn look on military vehicles.
2. GSI Creos Mr. Hobby spray can #26 hull red (similar to gw's red gore)
3. GSI Creos Mr. Hobby spray can #68 red madder (similar to gw's mechrite red)
4. gw's blood red for 1st layer of highlights (gw's fiery orange will be next)

The rougher texture from the industrial grade matte black

LED what?

4 LEDs per Stormraven powered by x2 AAA batteries

Me spacing out while contemplating my Stormraven build during foolish family gatherings during CNY... bahumbug... lol


  1. Happy CNY haha, how did you get your storm raven so fast? Mine is still somewhere in the UK... disadvantage of ordering online.

  2. That's industrious! Impressive man. Really impressive! I thought one would be Death Company?

  3. Nicely done man! I like the extra touch of LED lights :) The ravens are already lookin' kickass, can't wait to see the finished product, with lights ;))



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