Sunday, February 6, 2011

Moving home in progress

Busy with moving to my new place. Moving and packing and unpacking miniatures is insane work!

And that's just my 40k collection! Still got fantasy stuff at my old place.....


  1. wow nice shelves for the miniatures. Are those Ikea Billy bookcases? If yes, does Ikea sell separate glass dividers and the little metal holders?

  2. Yes they are Billy bookshelves.
    And the glass shelves are available as extras for $10/pc.
    And with just 2 billy's and shitloads of glass dividers. Suddenly you can cram bucketloads of minis into it!

    I chose white as it was the brightest and would provide a nice blank canvas for my miniatures to stand out without the need for external lightings or spot lamps.

    Will post more pics as I get around to cleaning/re-glueing/arranging them into the billy's.

  3. Awesome use of cheap stooge. Only bad thing is the lack of dust coverage as the shelves do not have doors. When you reckon you'll be able to play again?

  4. Wow! Thats a lotta minis :)) Yeah man, i had back ache when packing my minis too last time i moved. But you got alot more troops to transfer to their new HQ ;)

  5. Proberbly only after April. When the wedding and school and home shifting is complete sadly.

  6. There are doors for the billy bookcases, each cost $65 though ahaha and you need 2 to for the above book shelves.

  7. Will consider the doors maybe when everything else has settled down.
    Thanks for the suggestion.



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