Tuesday, February 22, 2011

o-so-furious dreadnoughts WIP

I'm getting really fast at finishing up dreadnoughts and articulating them. I have been working on 3 dreadnoughts at once as I find assembly line style building/painting system to be much more effective in terms of turn-around time. Death co. & librarian dreadnought coming soon. You can see the exploded parts for my librarian dreadnought. I want this model to be armed with some sort of ruin sword, axe or staff as a force weapon. While contemplating this build, I feel libby dreadnoughts should have more articulation to be able to wield melee type weapons.


  1. Wow they are really cool!

    A couple of questions:

    1: What is the joint(s) on the regular furiosos arms?

    2: How did you do a right hand for the libby dread as that venerable dread fist is only a left hand one?

    As for the libby dread's hand/force weapon have you considered the Warithlord's Wraith Sword?

  2. @MC Tic Tac:

    the joints are japanese by the brand of MSG (model support goods). Sometimes I buy japanese mech kits and gut them just for the joints. I will demonstrate this on the libby dreadnought in my next post.

    as for the right fist, just cut off the thumb, reposition it so its on the correct side, then use greenstuff to sculpt in the joinage gap. Honestly, I'm no expert at sculpting, its more like free form trial and error for me. Luckily green stuff is rather homogeneous and sticks to itself so even if I mess up, I can easily peel away and re-do the part. Hope this helps.



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