Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dark Angels WIP

Hey all,

Thanks to enrgie and j-hova for the invite to join up in the latest painting challenge :))

I've managed to do some work with my DA Tactical Squad. The before picture is just too sad to post, so i'll just link the pic here. Most are older marines that were paint stripped (none too successfully).

Below are some progress pics of the Tactical Marines undercoated and painted Dark Angels Green. I also put a coat of Badab Black wash on.

Here they are almost done. I'm gonna try to base them.

The highlights were done using 50/50 mix of Dark Angels Green and Snot Green. Then further highlighted with a thinner line consisting of a 50/50 mix of Snot Green and Skull White.

Yup, thats the boys in green thus far ;)

Happy painting guys!


  1. Oh you updated your DA here. Any tips to how you highlight so fast? besides practice and more practice. Highlighting a Dark Eldar warrior take me like 2-3hrs... including correcting mistakes.

  2. @crazyrat:

    Yup yup, am posting here as Ray organized another painting initiative :)) Join in manz!

    For the edges of the armor, i use the side of the paintbrush to highlight. I find it makes the lines more 'steady'.

    Besides the practice, i use a really fine brush for my lines. The paint consistency is slightly watered down as well.

    I still make quite a few mistakes, but the trick i think to touching up is using the base color (80/20) to cover the mistake. 80 being base color and 20 being Skull White.

    Hope this helps ;)

  3. OMG you paint very fast!!!!! Well done!

  4. dude... that is so fast... i use the side edge of the brush like you said. I can only produce quick results with dreadnoughts since they are larger...

  5. Thanks guys :)

    I was motivated to paint fast as i have not painted much for last 2 months. I usually lose steam right about now LOL!

    I got one more Tac Squad to go. This one will be probably finished much slower haha!

  6. Yea, I will post here after I finished the Baal predator. Can you tell me what size, brand brush you use to highlight the mehreens?

  7. I'm using a Daler Rowney 10/0 brush at the moment :)

  8. 10/0 is very very small, I tried highlighting DE warrior using 5/0 but it doesnt hold paint very well. I lazy to paint multiple coats so in the end use 3/0 but still take very long hahaha.

    I try to get the same brush, see can highlight fast or not thx :)



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