Monday, October 15, 2018

Gamestart: A Time of Legends Game 3

Scenario 3: Nexus Control
After the pairings were announced (on the app so no more screaming), I was pleasantly suprised that I would play with Lum. 

Lum chose the following secondary missions
Mark for Death
Ground Control

I chose the following
Kingslayer: Castellan
Titan Slayers
Ground Control

His army was a simple and direct one, 2 Imperial Knights supported by one Castellan (with a Company Commander and 2 Psykers. It's the type of list my list was created to counter. 

As deployment was narrow, I chose to deploy the Scouts hidden where possible while stacking one flank heavily. I knew I would struggle taking the Knights down so I needed to concentrate. 

Mounted the DC in the SR prior to deployemtn
LOS blocking is critical as it allowed my smaller infantry models to move up rather untouched.

While Lum managed to win the roll off for Turn 1, I seized and took it. Slamguinus and Lemartes was in Deepstrike Reserves

Those Scouts in the ruins stood little chance

Destroyed the first Imperial Knight before moving on to take out the Castellan
I also managed to take out the Psyker

As the Castellan went down, the heroes all lined up to take down the last Knight

Unfortunately for Lum, this was a massacre. By this point he called the game as he would be tabled by the next turn. This game me a 30 point win. 

Scores just for reference: 
Primary: 20 Ray, 5 Lum
Secondary: 12 Ray, 5 Lum
Total: 32 Ray, 10 Lum

Again another fun game as Lum was quite relaxed. We both had small armies so the game went on really quickly. 

At this point, the organizers tallied the scores and unfortunately I did not qualify. No surprises there to be fair as I needed more practice for sure. I finished 14 out of 28 players on Day 1 which is likely to the the placing by the end of the tournament. 

Day 2 players are in the photo below and I wish them all the best! 
Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, people standing
Zim qualified and is the stick man! 

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