Sunday, October 14, 2018

Gamestart - Armies on Show

With game 1 done, everyone brought out and displayed their armies for all to see. The best part about this event was that we had the public walking through the show so this allowed us to "sell" the game too and hopefully grow the following.

Sidenote: I usually target for Best Painted where possible so the weeks leading up to the competition, I would usually add soft touches to my army, adding a highlight here and there, adding additional details to particular characters, details to the face and other stuff. Hopefully it pays off.

My full army

Death Company with Lemartes

Slamguinus with some Scouts

Shield Captains - I spent a ton of time with these fellas! Love the chunky models. 

Mephiston the Lord of Death



Astra Militarum with a ton of armor - damn iPhone focused on the back instead

A blend of cold and hot colours. 

Flyers seem to be quite the rave

Tau fish

Looks like Melvin's. 

Lum sure went for an intense list. 

Go sistas!

Mark was still in a game and couldn't display his army so I just took one while it was going on

Interesting color scheme. Hello Kitty sure attracted a lot of attention to the table. 

One of the contenders for Best Painted! This is Nico's army

You can see the work he's done

Great use of the OSL on his minis

More OSL. Sidenote: damn these Destroyers! 

Interesting use of preshade to create a rusted look

OSL and preshade really helped make this army pop

The Guard were out enmasse!

Keith managed to finish his army in time

Another Lord of Death, a chaotic one


Ben's Aeldari. Love the work he put into them. Another contender

Love those greens

Wai Liong came by and mentioned that he was participating in the Armies on Parade competition. I went over and snapped a few pics.

A ton of converted models here! 

Iron Giant!

This monster is amazing! 

Smaller things! 

Hope you enjoyed that showcase! 

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