Friday, January 22, 2016

Road to Invitationals

The GREX Invitationals are coming soon. Due to Christmas and travels, I was not able to participate in the recent 1000 Point tournament Rookie Rumble that Jason attended. But the tourney chat really got me pumped for the next one. While I am planning for the February Invitationals, I am quite worried I won't be able to get the army ready to my usual standards. So I took stock yesterday by pulling the army out of the bags. I of course used Battlescribe to prepare an army list first. 

Without revealing too much, looks like I have a lot of work to do! 

Majority still incomplete! Looks like this is half of the force, with about half still not completed

Thankfully I have the spares all waiting to be built!
Breaking the minis out of the store room was a fun endeavour itself. Went through my "stocks". Just based on my list, the above minis are required!

Took the evening to quickly put together some minis as quickly as possible. Thankfully, plastics are a joy to work with. I even found a metal Librarian in hiding! I ripped through the spare bits in my kits and added a BA backpack and pistol arm.

Completed a simple biker with BA bits and built the Combi-Melta for my Sergeant

Industrial building! 
I had to raise more Marines so I opened another box of Tactical Blood Angels. I really love this kit. So many details on those Marines! By the time I looked at my watch, it was 11PM and I had to turn in for the evening. Reluctantly I put the tools away and called it.

Come join me on my journey to discover the Space Marines! 

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