Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Craftworld vs Harlequins 1000 Point Tourney Prep

Managed to get a game with Jason on Monday. He was preparing for the 1000 point Invitational at GREX so we played to the rules from that tourney pack - basically LOW offers 1VP if it is removed from play and 1 extra VP for every 3 wounds. Missions are standard from the rulebook so we rolled for it and managed to get Contact Lost. 

I brought a fairly competitive build (in my opinion) to give Jason a run for his Harlequins. Basically a WYSIWYG army - the jetbike with the banner is my Autarch with Laser Lance and all jetbikes only come with Shuriken Catapults.

Looks like Jason has been busy painting these bad boys up. He brought a Solitaire supported by myriad trickery. I can't remember them all but if you ask nicely, Jason may respond! He is after all an Admin on this blog so should be able to pick up on your questions. It is also WYSIWYG (except for the missing weapons from the vehicles)

I won the rolloff and went first. Jason pulled off a 5+ Seize (LoW gives +1 to your opponent for Seizing). Damn it...but at least I planned for it.

Farseer's unit took the brunt of the firepower
Jason went straight for my Warlord in an attempt to get Slay the Warlord, Assassinate and First Blood. Fortunately for me, the Farseer survived! In my turn, I grabbed my Farseer and sent him back into my backlines.

And pushed my Wraithknight up
This is probably where Jason made a tactical error. My Knight had little to do in this entire game. Jason however went full tilt and sent 2 units charging headlong into the Knight, tying him up but also losing half the unit.

This gave me the opportunity to run around in the backfield

I didn't manage to make my saves losing 4 wounds in one round of combat but Jason lost half of one unit
In the next turn Jason managed to kill off the Wraithknight but it did it's job. I was able to move my Jetbikes out of the way and dropped one unit of Warp Spiders behind his skimmer to take one out. A unit of Sweeping Hawks came in and dropped more shots on them, wiping out that unit. In return Jason assaulted my Warp Spiders but failed to wipe them out and I opted to Hit and Run.

Bottom of Turn 3, my Spiders ran up the tower together with the Jetbikes

The Solitaire went for my Jetbikers while the rest of my army converged around his remaining army

Harlequins are surprisingly fast! 
Darting across the battlefield, the Solitaire charged into my Spiders but failed to wipe the unit out. I Hit and Run again, leaving the Harlequin character in prime location to be shot at to bits

And shot him my army did, taking him out in a salvo of shuriken. 
We managed to only play till Turn 5 but it was quite foregone. I scored 13 objectives vs Jason's 2. He did manage to get First Blood and 3 VP for the Wraithknight kill giving him a total of 6. I hope this list has the hitting power required for the tournament!

I am keen to play a few more games at this engagement level to understand my Eldar a little better and focus on building this army up. See you guys around! 

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