Friday, August 7, 2015

Tourney Prep: Tyranids vs Space Marines

Having the entire Saturday off was a real blessing as it allowed me to get more games in for the Tourney Prep. Marshall and I got in a game, playing Mission 3. This would be Emperor's Will + Contact Lost.

Terrain was a little sparse but I was keen to see how my list would perform in such an environment. Having too much terrain may be a crutch. 

Tried keeping my creatures out of LOS and spread out in anticipation of his Drop Pods

Scouts were able to infiltrate and push deep into No Man's Land allowing them to capture objectives early on

Taking the first turn, Marines dropped in and went straight for the important creatures

Killing the Venomthrope, Marsh went on to kill the Exocrine.
Marshall raised a good point. Knowing that he will be sending Pods down early game I would have been better off keeping the Venomthrope sandwiched between the Exocrine and the Hormagants. That would have prevented me losing the Exocrine so early in the game.

Another Pod had dropped a 10 man squad in front of my Gants so I sent them up to engage and tie them up

While the Hormagants charged into Sicarus and squad

Turn 2
Stormtalons all turn up including the Centurions

Marsh managed to score these two points
Turn 3
Sicarus and squad cleared the Hormagants forcing me to move one of my spawned broods toward them

In response my Toxicrene and Carnifex dropped in and I went in for the Centurions

The Stormtalon went for my Gants 

Securing him another 4VPs

Some finality to the combat in the middle

Carnifex in the back line finally managed to destroy the Scouts on that crater thus allowing the Tyrannocyte to capture the objective

Table at the end of Turn 3
 Turn 4
The Stormtalon goes after my Flyrant

Pew pew

Marshall scored these 6VPs
Turn 5
Thankfully I managed to pass the Synapse roll allowing me to use the Carnifex

Meanwhile Sicarus was in my backline taking Warriors and Gants out

I did however manage to score this
Turn 6

But scored these at the end of his turn

Table at the end of the game
We tallied the points and Marshall won by a large lead. Having Scouts that could Infiltrate and camp on the objectives from Turn 1 really put the hurt on. Even with my shooting, I could not move the Scouts who were obtaining 2+ cover saves from a Reinforced Building. Target priority is definitely important and going for the easy targets would have made more sense. Killing off those hidden in ruins not reinforced made sense. Also, keeping the Venomthrope out of LOS is important but I have to be aware of the direction in which I can expect threats too.

Another loss but many lessons gained! 

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