Thursday, August 13, 2015

Tourney Prep - Many Many Termagaunts

Having a tourney around the corner does wonders for your hobby. I went out to get myself a box of Venomthropes and started putting paint to my unpainted Termagaunts. I have to thank Rico for "lending" his box so I could finish my models in time for the competition. 

Never thought I would use them since I had the Malanthropes but the TO didn't allow FW

So glad I have an airbrush
For those still sitting on the fence but are time hungry, please consider getting one. The investment will come back heaps as you get more time with your family and of course, GAMING! 

Primed them white and hit them with Aged White by Vallejo. Took me 30 minutes to get all those in the picture base coated. This included cleaning and airbrush intermittently and final wash up. Impossible with a paintbrush! 

And there you have them! All ready to consume

Construction of the Venomthropes

I managed to also base up my Spore Mine for the tourney
Having prepped most of the models mandatory for the tourney, I begun working on another batch of Termagants for spawning. I hope to finish them before this Saturday.

Took the opportunity to do up the flight stands for my Blood Angels
Again, an airbrush is such a time saver. I could also airbrush the base coat for the flight stand which is impossible with a normal can of spray. You could use a brush, but I do not like to use such a wet method as it debonds the PVA from the sand base.

Once the tourney is over, I will be returning to my Blood Angels to prep for the 1000 point tourney at the end of August. Stay tuned!

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