Sunday, August 9, 2015

Tourney Prep: Tyranids vs Eldar and Dark Eldar Alliance

As we continue to gear up for the tourney, I got a game in with Alan who was also preparing for the same tourney. We had both agreed to bring as strong a list we can to test it out. My list is the same and everything is WYSIWYG and so is his. 

Mission was Emperors Will + Contact Lost.

I won the first turn and took it.

I spread my Gants all out and pushed my Hormagants forward with the intent to tarpit the Wraithknight

Alan kept his jetbikes far behind to remain out of range
Turn 1
I managed to secure the objective
I had also managed to Stun the Ravager
Alan moved up along his table edge, keeping out of range as much as he can
He attempted to charge his WK into my Gants hiding in the ruins and needed an 8 but failed it. This would allow me to send in my Hormagants to tie the WK up

Turn 2
I charged in and lock the Wraithknight in. I managed to also destroy the Ravager

Love this pic

In Alan's turn 2, his Razorwing came in a made a hole in my unit of 30. That thing is powerful
Turn 3

By now I was sitting in his deployment side and he was in mine. It was really down to the wire. His WK had disengaged from my swarm and moved down to try to get a unit of Gants off the objective.
Game end 
The WK goes for the charge but fails the roll. We tallied the points and I won by a margin of 1.

One roll made a huge difference
If Alan had managed to complete the charge, the WK may have killed off enough of the Gants to secure the last objective, giving him a point swing of 3 his way.

Alas, it is games like these that I love. Close and intense. More to come! 

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