Monday, November 24, 2014

Shield of Baal, New Starter and Some Macaroons

I was one of the few lucky ones to snag a copy of this really beautifully produced book at my LGS and I am glad I put the deposit down for it. It is beautiful. Embossed, it reeked of quality. 

Fluff more than rules. I enjoyed every bit of it

I got it on Saturday and am about 80% done with the fluff. Read the ruleset too and they look pretty spiffy considering you get 6 scenarios to play most of the major engagements. These were epic conflicts within the fluff so it was good that GW gave us the opportunity to run those games on our own tables. 

GW used their minis to capture the stories as they were told

The star map really created an excellent reference point for us to know how the fleet invaded the Crypus System

I then spotted this new base with  the new Broodlord that will be coming out with the new starter.
The new starter is 100% confirmed. I have seen the details of the box set with my own eyes. It will be on pre-order in 2 weeks (i.e. right after the 3rd End Times book) so if you are collecting Nids or just about to get into Blood Angels like I am, this is a great set. The Blood Angels captain was very reminiscent of the Space Hulk one:
The new captain will look very akin to this model
Nonetheless I am looking forward to it. It will boost my Blood Angels from Space Hulk with more Terminators. 5 Death Company and 1 Dread. Happy to absorb more Nids into my collection. It comes with one Carnifex, 3 Warriors, new Broodlord and a few Genestealers.

Back to the Shield of Baal, Leviathan players will get a new Warlord Traits table to roll on.

New Trait table

This may still be better
While the new Trait Table is fluffy, the Strategic Traits from the main rulebook still does stand out as the better choice. Well at least on paper. Will want to try it before I make conclusions.

This is a thing?
I am still confused with this: Cities of Death Objectives cards. Where do I get this?? Has anyone spotted this online? GW buck up.

After all that reading, I broke out some macaroons and played Settlers with my wife and her 2 other friends. Girls love sweets and farming type games.

Will update you guys with my WIP pods soon. Magnetized too! And I will be back with tips on how to create that Mucolid Spore with the Tyrannocyte. 

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