Friday, November 21, 2014

Batrep 1850 Points: Hivefleet Leviathan vs Ultramarines

Not the usual quality of batreps I am used to but this will suffice. Primarily due to my army being in bits and pieces as I am preparing them. I am playing Hivefleet Leviathan today and my opponent will be bringing Ultramarines. 

Hivefleet Leviathan wakes up from its slumber
 The large brood of Gants on the right hand corner was prepared for when my Tervigon spawns

Rolled these powers up for both Tyrants. 

These two powers for the Tervigon
Apologies for the darker pictures. I am using a different camera app and I think it is not that intelligent when it came to figuring out the lighting.

The mission was Cloak and Dagger and Ultramarines had the first turn.

A Crone from Kraken came in to join the fun. Tyranid deployment

Ultramarines deployment
 Rolled to seize and I managed to score a 6. Tyranids will start first.

Took the first turn and sent my flying units forward to attempt to burn out some marines. I wanted to take objective 1 which the Scouts were on but did not manage to score enough wounds to move them off the objective

Here's when I realized that this list was in 2 parts. This sat back and did not do much to put pressure to the opponent. 

Tigurius and Sternguard turn up in Drop Pods

With combat doctrines one they managed to down my Warlord for First Blood and Slay the Warlord

Ultramarines score 6 VPs

Turn 2 saw the arrival of my Toxicrene. I even charged my Malanthrope (proxied by the Carnifex) 

While the unit of Gants came back in to support

The Malanthrope managed to kill off a few Marines and consolidated nearer to Tigurious

Managed to score one VP for his Scouts fleeing 

Flying bats took this photo

In Turn 3 Tigurius lost 2 wounds to the swarm and Malanthrope

But the Ultramarines managed to score 2 VP's for a total of 8VPs

In the Tyranids Turn 3, I was targetting to remove as many small units as possible to secure the VP so went for the Scouts

The Crone took one Marine out in it's Vector Strike

And the Malanthrope finally kills off Tigurius scoring me Slay the Warlord

Scored 4VPs for total of 5VPs

In the Ultramarines' turn 3 they manage to score these 3 VPs for a total of 11VPs

But in the Tyranid turn 4 I managed to score another 2 for a total of 7 VPs

I had lost all of my Synapse creatures at this stage and it was looking really bleak  

Ultramarines score another 2VP's for 13VPs

We concluded the game at the start of Turn 5 as I simply did not have enough units to really contest or go out to capture objectives. The lack of Synapse creatures sure did not help. It was a good game that thought me one thing, this army list needed work.

Tyranids need the synergy and the focus that comes from building a strong synergistic list is important. I will be adding the 2 other pods I have in my collection into my lists as I think it has really earned a place. Aggressive and effective in 2 phases of the game. An excellent unit.

I am still on the fence with the Toxicrene. I will have to play a few more games before I can really conclude.

I will be back with more games. Now to get building. 

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