Monday, January 27, 2014

X-Wing Tournament

I did not manage to get in a game of 40k this week but instead took part in the local X-Wing 100 Point Tourney held over at Gamersaurus Rex. Brought a list I flown twice so did not really expect to do that well. Ended finishing either 5th or 6th but got a ton of prizes. 

XW Wedge Antilles: Push the Limit, R2 Astromech
XW Biggs Darklighter: R2-F2
XW Rookie Pilot: R5 Astromech
AW Prototype Pilot

  1. Y-Wing Alternate Card
  2. Black Squadron Alternate Card
  3. 2 Plastic Stress Tokens
  4. 1 Plastic Shield Token (given to me by Fengshan who won the lucky draw)
Had good fun and learnt quite a bit from piloting. Got to learn my smaller curves and manouvres! 

The contestants

Roy ended up playing against FS, both are regular sparring partners. 
Hope you guys had a great weekend gaming! 

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