Tuesday, January 7, 2014

First to get a lick of paint in 2014. Deadzone enforcers

Well 5 days into the new year without painting and I finally picked up the brush to paint stuff! 
As I have frantically painted up the Deadzone terrain last year the moment I received the package (all $150 kickstarter worth of terrain add ons alone) I now turn my attention to my first faction in Deadzone. 

Want to get some colour on the models as the players here are hopefully starting to get some games together for Deadzone. It's always been a peeve of mine to at least get some base colours on the models before playing with them. 

I should be getting them finished up by the end of the week so that will bring my painted models up to 13! Which also means my 2014 resolution of having 1 painted model a day for the year is ahead of schedule! Let's hope I can keep this up!

I'll post pics of the terrain in another post sometime soon! In the meantime enjoy the little preview of the terrain here along with my minis.


  1. looking good, I like your colour scheme. I'm planning to start with plague, have some plans for mostly washes and am still debating if I am going to do something similar for enforcers or not.

    1. Thanks, the plague is next on my painting queue and I'm definitely going the washes route (as with 90% of the plague stuff I've seen online so far). Not very sure if washes would look neat enough for the enforcers though. Maybe just a normal approach like how armour is usually done would be better?

      I went for the quick result with my enforcers. Which are basically zenithal highlighted airbrushed silver all over. Followed by a quick "traditional" methods of painting armour with orange. Just like how space marines are normally done.

    2. Plans for my plague is two tone. I want the "chitin" type areas to be a beige/bone/neutral colour and am still debating what do do exactly for the "fleshy" type areas. I have a bunch of genestealer cult and space hulk genestealers that are similar to the old space hulk style replacing green for blue so I don't want to go too pink, I would love a pale/dead'ish look without being too close to the neutral chitin.

      I was thinking of doing something similar to what I've done for my Spyrers for the Enforcers.
      - step by step
      - close up pics

      I wish I had an airbrush - your zenithal highlights look amazing and I've heard once you've got it down can be quite quick. My other issue though is I plan to replace their bases with clear plastic litko bases so the terrain shows through better.

  2. Indeed it looks awesome. I am looking forward to gaming on this table.

    As an aside, could I use my 40k minis for this game? I would prefer not collecting another army although the price point is really good.

    1. I have been using marines and genestealers since the rules came out to get some games in, I don't see any issue with it.

    2. Cool I will bring my JEANstealers then!



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