Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wave Serpent Update

This is a work in progress and I thought I would blog it to follow it's progress. 

Years ago when GW did not make a Wave Serpent kit, we old gamers had to create our own. Using the Falcon as the main chassis, I used the template that was found in one of the old White Dwarves. Printed them out on plasticard and used spoons to create the turret and shield pods. 

Created this sticking quite closely to the FW Wave Serpent back in the early 2000's
Over time GW released the Serpent kit and I went away to play Fantasy and focussed on my Tyranids.
Zoom in 2013 I broke them out and wanted to update them since I do love my Eldar.

Since I was repainting this army, I bought the FW Type 2 Wave Serpent Kit to modify my kit. Ripped out the old parts and said goodbye to them.

Attached the back fin to the rear compartment. Unfortunately there was some warpage

Used a hairdryer to preheat it and bent it back in place. I then used Super Glue to set it in place

On the front, I used the Vehicle Upgrade kit to represent the Serpent Shield which I find nicer than the current GW Serpent kit. The current one just breaks up the triangle silhouette.

I knew when I removed some of the "shield spoons", I would end up with uneven surfaces due to the glue I used previously. So I bought these to help smooth the surface prior to gluing in the new shield generators

Used grade 400 followed by 1000 to create a smooth finish and remove all traces of the previous glue marks. 

Stuck the new turret in place. Added the side fins to extend the Serpent rear. 
Added Serpent Shield Generators to all sides. Added the Shuriken Canon to the underside. 

And I added the rear exhausts which makes this look more powerful! 
I love the updated look. The craft now looks sleeker and more Eldar-esque. Can't wait to start airbrushing it to update the colour scheme. 


  1. Cool article. I recall the days prior to GW producing a Wave Serpent kit and I recall a lot of odd conversions that had been done trying to mimic the Epic version, in particular the addition of the crossbar in the front that linked the two fins in the front. Most of the conversions that were made back then looked beefier than the final product that GW eventually produced!

    1. Thanks Neverness. Yea, and now that we have gotten behind Jes Goodwin's design philosophy (keeping the Eldar silhouette), I can't help but notice that some of those chunky ones are out of shape!



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